Default Email Header

Default Email Header - Not Required
600x100px JPG or PNG

When creating email templates in Jomablue, this image is loaded by default into the email template. Although it can be changed, it's used as the default when creating many email templates.  You will still have the option to change the header image in each email. 

The Default Email Header is also the Default Invoice Header that is used when issuing invoices.

Example of an email created in Jomablue with the default Email Header image. 

Default e-Ticket Header

Default e-Ticket Header - not compulsory
1200x300px JPG or PNG

The e-Ticket Header is displayed above the person's QR code in their e-Ticket. There is a single e-Ticket Header per event, so all people in all categories will see this. It's best to keep it event generic. 

Example of the a persons e-Ticket displayed on their phone with the e-Ticket Header image displayed.


Email Header

e-Ticket Header

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