In Templates you can create, edit and archive Email, SMS and e-Ticket Templates.

Seeing templates from other events?
All templates are available for re-use across multiple events, this reduces the effort to execute roadshow, or similar events. We suggest prefixing the template name with the event code if you want to use it for a specific event. You can also archive expired templates


Generate Email templates for Sessions, Event Tickets, Touchpoints, Registration Reminders and generic event Emails. Once the template is created, it can be selected for use in relevant areas of Jomablue.


Create Event Ticket, Session and Touchpoint SMS templates. SMS's are delivered within seconds and often contain a single call to action


This is the e-Ticket a person will receive either via SMS or email. It contains a QR code that the user will present upon arriving at the event. 


This is a helpful guide to easily categorise what is approved for sending. Please note that 'Pending' templates can still be sent as part of a campaign. The status is a visual guide only and has no effect of campaigns or campaign sends. 


After an event or to remove a template that's no longer needed you can archive the template. Simply press the following button: 

To view and restore archived emails, toggle Show archives.

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