Quick data formatting tips: 

  • Emails must be formatted in accordance with RFC 5322
  • Mobile numbers must be formatted in accordance with e.164
  • Ensure that there are no missing values from columns or rows

Organisation UID

We recommend including an Organisation UID (Unique IDentifier) column for each record with a Unique Identifier for each person - this will allow you to do bulk edits later should you need to do so. Ideally this should be a system-generated UID, like one generated by your CRM software. If you are not sure about what to use as a UID you could use the date and a reference number, for example 18Jun-001, 18Jun-002 etc

Important: do not use an email address or mobile number in the Organisation UID column - this column must be a value that can be guaranteed to be unique, and email addresses and mobile numbers are often not unique in registration lists. Ensure that you use system-generated UIDs in this column.

Simple Import 

Contains basic fields like first name, last name, company, email, and mobile.

Download Simple Sample csv

Intermediate Import

Contains basic fields and category assignments. This example demonstrates that when categories are represented as columns, the values for a particular category can differ from another. In this example, VIP's are marked as "Y" while Delegates are marked with a timestamp. In both scenarios we treat the blank values as false, and any other value as true (this is customizable during the import process).

Download Intermediate Sample csv

Advanced Import

Contains additional categories and custom fields such as Dietary requirements, campaign ID's, job function and job role information. 

Download Advanced Sample csv

Advanced Import with Session Entitlements

This example indicates if someone can attend a restricted session by "Y" in the column of the session na,e. 

Download Advanced Sample with Session Entitlements

Advanced Import with SMS OPT Out

An example with an SMS OPT Out column. In this case, only people to be "Opted out" are marked in the csv.

Download Advanced Sample with SMS OPT out

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