Site configuration is available under Registration > Configuration.

Below is a list of the elements you can edit. Keep in mind these are live from the moment you press save - so be careful.

Field Descriptions

The title of the Site. We recommend keeping this short. The Site title will wrap depending on the users device, so the title can appear on multiple lines if on a mobile device.
eg: Delegate, VIP, Exclusive, Summit2019

The URL suffix of the Site. this appears on the end of the you provide publicly. eg:  These are unique across all your events. so you can't use 'delegate' for 2019 and 'delegate' for the following year. That being said, as the next event approaches you can edit the previous one to be something else, to free up the one you want.

IMPORTANT: don't change this if the URL has already been shared.
Changing this can result in users having the wrong link to your Site. 

Your Site description. We recommend up to 300 characters. 

Site Header:
1200 x 200px @1x jpg or png. Its the leading "banner" of the page. 

Background image:
2400x2400px @1x jpg or png. This resizes depending on the device, so a solid colour or repeating background is ideal. There is no guarantee the background content will show on every device, so don't place any important information there. 

Purchasing Terms Text
This is a short terms and conditions line that relates to the financial transaction that's about to happen. This is designed as acceptance text and not a place for the entire terms and conditions (that can be placed in the external links displayed in the footer). Below this text, there will be a mandatory "I accept" checkbox.  Here are some examples of this text:

I have read and understood the terms of my purchase (link below) and I am willing to proceed. 

I understand the event Terms and Conditions, including the cancellation policy and I am willing to proceed.


Yes - A visitor can access this Site
No - A visitor can't access the Site and is presented with a default 'try again later' message. 

Products available on this site:

Add products for display in this Site. Keep in mind that a product can exist in multiple Sites.

External links:
Click the Manage External Links button to manage the External Links at the footer of the Site - for more on how to manage External Links, see this article

Here is an example of the Site: 

Updated for Jomablue 3.32 onward

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