This page will be displayed when a user successfully completes registration for your event. All registrations see the same confirmation message. The area indicated below supports a custom Registration Confirmation message. 


Important: Please note there are no dynamic variables available. The example says {{Your Event Name}} and it's expect you will replace this with your event name before saving into Jomablue.

With so many email platforms, having a generic Add to Calendar button is now harder than ever before. Some people use Outlook Web App, Outlook Desktop, Outlook Mobile, others Gmail via Outlook, Gmail via Chrome etc. Although a simple link to a hosted iCal ics file is supported by Jomablue, we suggest using the following service and their Direct URL Method

AddEvent Website:

Direct URL Method:

Alternatively you can put a HTML link in the Registration Confirmation Message to an ics - but keep in mind not all client devices support this and is not editable once a person add's it to their calendar.

Updated for Jomablue 3.29 onwards

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