Items are generally things that can be collected at an event. For example, t-Shirts, backpacks, food credits, physical dinner tickets etc. 

Items are allocated to People and a person can have none, one, or many Items allocated. When using the Jomablue Smart Badge, and a Jomablue device (Omnia), ushers can see which items are allocated to a person, and mark them as collected. 

Items can be manually added on a person record under Entitlements, or they are automatically added, when purchased through Registration. Items must be created before adding them to a Person record or making them available in a Site.


Items have a Name and Description. Both of which are displayed in Registration.
When using Omnia onsite at the event, only the name and collection status is displayed, after scanning a person's badge.

Adding items here, does not automatically add them to Registration. So you can add them without any impact on Registration.

To create an Item, follow the instructions in this article

Item Groups

Grouping Items is relevant when using the Jomablue Smart Badge, and a Jomablue device (Omnia), to manage the collection status of Items at the event. Items are added to a group, and that group is selected on Omnia. 

In other words, Item groups are selected on Omnia, so when a Smart Badge is scanned using a device, only the Items in that group are displayed, and are able to be marked as collected.

Items can belong to multiple groups, so the 'Gala Dinner Ticket' can be collected at the Information Desk, and also the Expo Collection Point, but swag is only available for collection at the Expo Collection point (as demonstrated in the image below). If a person collects a Gala Dinner Ticket at the Information Desk, it will be displayed as collected, if they attempt to collect at Expo Collection Point.

To create an Item Group, follow the instructions in this article. Note that you'll need to create the Items themselves before you can add them to an Item Group

Adding an Item Entitlement to a Person Record

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