This guide explains how Products are deemed to be Sold Out and how to manage Inventory to be correctly reflected in your Sites.

Using the example below, let's breakdown the counts:

3 of 100 Sold
100 = The Inventory for that product.
3 = The number of products sold that have a status of:

97 Remaining
The inventory amount minus the number sold. 

Do Cancelled Orders count towards Sold? 

Yes. If an order is cancelled, it still is counted as a "Sold" product. This is to prevent the automatic release of a Product into Sites (i.e: transition it out of the SOLD OUT status in Sites). 

We recommend increasing the inventory by the number of cancelled product you have if you wanted to make the cancelled products available to purchase by other users. 

Admin Orders and Sold Out

If a Product becomes sold out, a SOLD OUT message is presented to all Site visitors. However, you can still create Admin Orders for this Product. Admin Orders aren't restricted by the Inventory of Products and Items, so you are able to place orders. 

In other words; Inventory counts affect Sites only.

Sold Out

Sold out will appear when the number of Products sold is equal or more than the inventory amount. The number of Sold Products will continue to display. 

Please note: When sold out appears here, it will also appear in the Sites

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