Jomablue supports an integration with Front. This allows Live Chat within the Site and Registration process.  

About Front

Front allows you to manage all of your customer conversations in one place. A shared and global inbox for managing your customers no matter the incoming channel, whether it's social, email, SMS or Jomablue.

Integrating Jomablue with Front

When adding Front Chat to an Inbox inside of Front, you're provided with some code to place in your website. You can locate the chatID within a section called Code
. This chatID (eg: 6b27d34ce68dbc4b7be26a136e18b2dd) should be placed in Jomablue (do not add the entire code snippet).

To add the chatID(s), log into Jomablue and select your event. Next go to the Configuration page of the Registration section (in the menu on the left). Then click on the Integration tab and you'll be able to see the Front Chat ID fields for Sites and Registration.

Segmenting Sites and Registration Chat

Jomablue allows you to segment Site and Registration chat channels so that incoming requests can be handled by the appropriate internal team. Alternatively you can configure Front to have incoming chat messages managed within the same channel. 

If you would like to segment Sites and Registration chats to go to different teams, simply create two different Front Chats in two different channels, then paste the corresponding chat ID's.

If you're only wanting to use a single channel in Front, simply put the same Chat ID in both fields in Jomablue.

If either field (Sites or Registration) is left blank, it will not load chat for that corresponding part of Jomablue. In other words, you can load Front Chat on Sites and not Registration if desired.

Removing Front Chat

No longer want to display the chat widget on Sites or Registration? Simply remove the ID's and press Save

Once the fields are blank and saved the chat icon will no longer appear on the Sites or Registration pages. Here is an example:

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