After a successful purchase from a Site, a person can Activate their Registration for the event. This is the process where they provide their details, or the details of the person attending the event. These details are used for printing on their Name Badge/Lanyard. 

Note: Only one registration page is available per event, and this is displayed after checkout of a Site. Wording on this page can welcome attendees to the event (as they are not longer general public).

Field Configuration

If you're looking to update the fields displayed to users during registration activation - head over to Admissions. Registration configuration handles all settings, excluding which fields are displayed. 

Example Event Registration

Here is an example of a complete Event Registration page. 

Background Image

2400 x 2400 px JPG or PNG

Registration Header

1344 x 200px JPG or PNG

Click on the Manage External Links button to manage the External Links that will be placed in the footer of your Registration page. For more on managing External Links, see this article.

Registration Terms Text

This is a text label placed above an "I Accept" Checkbox. This is customizable with text to suit your organization. The goal here is to ensure the person registering understands how their personal information will be used. 

Not for use - examples only

I understand my data will be used in accordance with the Event Privacy Policy (link below).

I understand my data will be used for the purposes of the event, this includes providing my details to exhibitors, that I choose to hand my smart badge too.

Please note:

  • Links to privacy policies, and other terms can be placed in the footer links

  • "I Accept" text can't be changed. The Registrations Terms Text will always appear above the I accept

  • A person cannot submit their registration until the I accept has been clicked

Registration Confirmation

Once someone has completed a Registration, they will see a Registration Confirmation Message on the Registration page. This message is configurable and supports HTML - for more information on how this is configured, see this article.

Additionally, Registrations completed online (i.e. that aren't onsite registrations) will trigger a Registration Confirmation Email. This can either be a default Registration Confirmation Email, or set up as a Triggered Campaign. For more information see this article.

Updated for Jomablue 3.29 onwards

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