This article assumes you have created Categories and Custom Fields. For more on how to set up Categories, read this article. For more on how to set up Custom Fields, read this article.

When a person purchases a Product during Registration, that Product is linked to an Admission. Admission provides a person access to an event. Admission also controls which categories a person becomes a member of, and any custom registration questions you want to ask of that person. 

For example;
You might like to create two types of Admission for your event. One for Delegates and one for Exhibitors. 

This way, you can segment people into different categories, and ask Delegates about  their dietary preferences, while asking exhibitors when they will arrive onsite. 

Detailed Explanation of Fields

The Admission Name. This is displayed within a Product, in a Site. It can be things like "Full Day Attendance at the Event" or "Exhibitor Pass".

This field is optional and describes the Admission. Admissions can be re-used across Products, so the description should be generic and describe the admission only. Eg: "Access from 8am - 8pm".

An Admission Price (covered under Products) may or may not have tax implications. If you're required to charge tax, please select the tax that applies. Admissions can have multiple taxes, such as state and federal taxes. Please note: Admission Taxes can't be changed once the Admission is created.

Once a person completes Registration, they will become a member of these categories. A Delegate Admission will likely result in a Delegate category. 

But an alternate example is A Delegate Admission resulting in a Delegate and DayPass category. The DayPass category might be used to prevent access to certain rooms at the event.

Registration Form
This is where you can configure the display, order and requirement of fields for an Admission. Keep in mind you can ask different questions for different Admissions, for example, you might not want to ask Non-Members for a Membership number. 

More information how to configure the Registration Form can be found here.


Why can't I edit Tax?
Tax is only available for selection during setup of Admissions. Changing the tax can have financial reporting implications if sales have already been made. 

Can I change an Admission category after launch?
We don't recommend it, but yes you can. Be careful, as anyone that registered prior will remain in the previous category. Changing the category can result in disparate data and increase workload when trying to schedule campaigns and run post-event reporting. 

If I forgot to add a Custom Field, can I add it after launch?
Yes, add it via Event Settings. Keep in mind, anyone already registered won't have an answer to the new Custom Field. 

Can I remove a Custom Field after Registration?
Similar to above, yes you can, but anyone that Registered prior to you removing it will have that custom question. To remove it, uncheck it from the Admission page - there is no need to delete it from Event Settings. 

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