There are three primary ways to understand data in Jomablue. Dashboards, Insights and Exports.

This is provided to the event team to display real-time operational insights about the event. These widgets can be customized to suit your event objectives, therefore the numbers displayed on the Dashboard may be filtered differently to numbers found in Insights and Exports.

Provides some top level insights and visual charts about your event. These are fixed widgets and have minimal customization, so the output is always predictable.

Considered as the source of truth. Exports contain all records, irrespective of any filters. 

How many people attended my Event?

To obtain this number, look at the Badges Printed widget under
Insights > Event Check in

This is the total number of people that had their badge printed for the event, not including cancelled people records (regardless of if a cancelled record has had their badge printed at any time). This would be the same as filtering a person export in excel in the following way: 

What about the "Registration Overview By Category" widget, can that tell me Total? 

This widget will give you counts per category, but you shouldn't look for Total numbers across categories, as it is possible a person may exist in more than one category. 

In addition, the attended, vs not attended columns count cancelled records. So a cancelled record in that category will either appear in a count towards Not Attended vs Attended.  

Registration Overview By Category also filters out categories marked as Do no display in insights (under category settings).

Can you explain Attended vs Didn't Attend widget?

This is counting the number of people in the event with Badge printed vs not Badge printed. This does not include cancelled people records, as a person may have had their badge printed then been cancelled. In this scenario, they are still displayed in this widget.


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