An Add-on allows you to offer registered people the ability to purchase additional Items for the event, for example a T-Shirt or Gala Dinner Ticket.

The person might have changed their mind since their purchase of the ticket to your event, or you might not have had them on sale at that point. 

Once a Add-on is created, you can provide a link to the person to complete the checkout. Once payment has been received, the Item is automatically, and instantly added to the person's profile - so this can even be done on-site at the event. 

Creating a Add-on offer

Please note: the Item and Person must exist before creating the Add-on offer. 

  1. Navigate to Add-ons
  2. Select New Add-on
  3. Search for a Person by First or Last Name
  4. Press Add Item and Select which Item you want to offer (you add one at a time, but can add multiple)
  5. Enter the excluding tax price for that item. If tax is applicable, it will be added to the total price, when the person redeems the Add-on. 
  6. Enter the Min - minimum number they can purchase. 
  7. Enter the Max - maximum number of this Item they can purchase
  8. Enter the Default - pre-set the default quantity for the user
  9. Press Add. You will see the offer added to the Add-on
  10. Set an Expiration Date/Time. Add-on can't be redeemed after this time
  11. Press Create Add-on. Your created Add-on offer will be at the top of the list
  12. You can now press the Pages icon, under Link for that Add-on to share with the person

Tip: You can follow the copied link, to see how it will appear to the person

Above steps Illustrated

Understanding Min/Max/Default

A combination of these can be used to make checkout quicker for the user, as well as enforcing what they can, and can't order. Here are some examples: 

a) Offer a person a single gala dinner ticket only. The following disables the QTY field, and if the person proceeds to payment, a single gala dinner ticket will be added to that person as an entitlement. 

Min = 1 
Max = 1
Default = 1 

b) Offer a person up to 5 T-shirts. The following allows the person to purchase a minimum of 1, but up to 5. They can increase the QTY up to 5, or back to 1, but not any higher or lower.

Min = 1 
Max = 5
Default = 1 

c. Offer a person up to 2 Gala Dinner Tickets, and up to 2 T-Shirts. Don't show a default, they are required to set the quantity themselves. This mean they can change the quantity for each item from 0, through to 2. For each item, you would set the following: 

Min = 0
Max = 2
Default = 0

What does a person receive? 

After a person receives and follows the link, they will be presented with the Add-on Configuration screen, where if allowed (based on the min/max/default), they can set the qualities, then checkout via credit card. 

How do I know if person has purchased an Add-on?

Once a person has successfully checked out using their credit card, the Add-on will be marked as redeemed in the Add-on list, and the offer can't be used again.

The Add-on order detail will also appear under Orders. 


  • Use Add-ons only if you're charging a price for an item. If you want to give someone access to an Item without payment, add it directly to the person record. 
  • Coupons don't apply to Add-on offers.
  • Add-ons adhere to Global Item Inventory counts. So if a Item has "sold out", any unredeemed Add-ons will not be redeemable (a "Sold Out" message will be displayed)
  • Add-ons can't be checked out via 'Pay by Invoice'

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