This guide explains the recommended Braintree settings - these are recommendations only as your Braintree configuration can differ from this and it's best to consult with Braintree regarding the best setup for your organisation. 

Enhance Fraud Protection

Enabling CVV checking can reduce fraudulent transactions and further validate the credit card details entered. Entering a CVV is common practice for online credit card users so we recommend enabling this. 

  1. Go to Settings > Processing

2. Click Options

3. Select the following settings 

Duplicate handling

This setting prevents users from the unlikely event of double charges, saving you paperwork and time. 

  1. Go to Settings > Processing

  2. Enable Duplicate Transaction Checking

  3. Click Options

4. Set duplicate transaction time to 30 seconds

Enhanced Braintree Security

Enable Two Factor Authentication to protect your Braintree account.

  1. Click Account > My User

  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

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