When Pay by Invoice is enabled on a Site, customers are able to enter Purchase Order number and generate an invoice, then check out without paying via credit card. This is generally used when internal approval is required before the Site visitor can purchase anything from your event.

Features and Benefits

  • Site visitors can configure their own Order before requesting an invoice.

  • Multiple ways to pay - Site visitors have the option to pay via Credit Card or Manual Payment (EFT, Cash other). 

  • Out-of-the-box Purchase Order provisioning.

  • Automated Invoice creation/sending (including purchase order information).

  • Self serve cancellations functionality, in case people change their mind.

  • Automatic release of already redeemed Coupons for cancelled Orders.

  • Site visitors can provide notification of payments, helping your Event team understand when manual payments have been made and are pending reconciliation. 

  • Options to configure Pay by Invoice on each of your Sites, or not, as desired (see more on this below).

Pay by Invoice Workflow

Some important things to consider

Unlike Credit Card transactions, where payment is taken immediately, a Site visitor does not make a financial commitment when using the Pay by Invoice functionality.

Therefor it is possible for Site visitors to use Pay by Invoice functionality for multiple Orders that they might have no intention of completing. 

This becomes more of a problem when Coupons are considered. For example, if you have a limit number of Coupons for an early bird rate, a store visitor could checkout multiple orders using that Coupon, which in turn counts towards coupon redemption limits. When a small number of discounted tickets are available, this example could possibly allocate the total Coupon allocation, until it can't be used by others.

To combat this; 

  • We support Site level configuration of Pay by Invoice functionality, allowing for more control on which Sites this functionality should be available in. 

  • When Pay by Invoice is selected, the user has self-serve access to cancel the order - this is mostly to combat mistakes made in the order configuration process.

  • When orders are cancelled with self-serviced access, the Coupon redemption is automatically reversed. 

We suggest: 

  • Review your recent Orders on frequent basis, to ensure you don't see unusual volumes of payment pending orders

  • Only enable Pay by Invoice options on Sites that have limited exposure (e.g. Sponsor Sites vs general public Sites)

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Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onward

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