External Links can be added to the footer of Sites and Registration Activation pages. Each Site and Event can contain unique links.

Useful Information:

  • Upon adding or removing an External Link from a Site or Page, the update will come in to effect immediately
  • External links are displayed left to right in the Site or Page footer, in order they were added to the Site or Page
  • All external links are opened in a new tab or window.

^ Example of how the Site External Links appear in the site. 

To add a new External Link to a Site or Registration Page, navigate to that Site or Registration Page in Jomablue, then click on the Manage External Links button.

Manage External Links button for a Site

Manage External Links button for a Registration Page

To create a new External Link:

  1. Click on the Add External Link button
  2. Enter the Label and URL for your External Link. The Label is the text that will appear on your Site/Page, and the URL is the target of the Link itself
  3. Press Save to add the link to your Site/Page

If an External Link already exists on another Site or Page, you can add that link to the current Site or Page. To do this, navigate to the Manage External Links view, click on All External Links, then do the following:

  1. Click on Add to Event Store (in this case, Event Store is the name of the Site that the link will be added to - this will change depending on where the link is being added)
  2. If desired, edit the Label and URL of your External Link. Note that this will not affect the External Link as it exists on other Sites or Pages
  3. Click Save to add the link to your Site or Page

Pro-Tip: Because a person is required to purchase a product before they will see the External Links in the Registration Activation page footer, these link could be more tailored to "Attendees" of the event, as opposed to generic public links. 

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