Both Paid Products Free Products contain exactly one Admission, and within the Admission, you are able to configure Category information, and the Registration Form fields that customers who have purchased one of those Products will be required to fill out to register their Product. 

Registration Form Fields are configurable on a per-Admission basis, allowing for different Products to contain an Admission with different Registration questions. For example, you can ask different registration questions for your Delegates and Exhibitors, or any other Category of Attendee you have at your event.

Registration Form Fields are configured within an Admission, so you will need to create your Admissions first. See this article for instructions on how to do so.

The Registration Form configuration is broken into two columns:

Form Fields
The fields that are currently active for this Admission

Available Fields
Displays all fields that are not being used in the form. This includes standard fields (e.g: company and email), as well as all custom fields, defined under Event Settings. Header Field, and Info Field also appears under available Fields. More on that later. 

Adding a Field to the Form

To add an Available Field to the form, click on the drag point (:::) and drag into the Form Fields column. The order the Form Fields are listed in, is the order they are presented to the user. 

This is the Label on the field, as presented to the person. For example, you might add the "Company" field, but want to label it "Organisation", or change "Mobile" to "Cell". It's good to keep these precise. 

Description (optional):
This is small a subheading/instruction text that is displayed below a field. This can provide more detailed instruction of what needs to be entered into the field.

Label and Description Examples: 

Checking this box will require the person registering to complete this field before submitting their registration.

Copying Fields from another Admission

Once you have populated the Registration Fields in an Admission, you are able to copy the list of fields (including any changes you have made to their label, description etc) to other Admissions. To do this, open an Admission to which you would like to copy fields (destination), then click on copy fields from another Admission, select the Admission you wish to copy the fields from (source), then click Copy.

Note that any existing fields will be replaced with an exact copy of the fields in the source Admission.

Header and Info Fields

These fields can be repeated throughout the form. It's a good way to segment questions, or provide more information to users. Both fields utilize the "Label" as a larger, more bold Heading, followed by the "Description", as subtext.

Header and Info Field Example: 

Here you can see how the Header, and Info fields are use in line.

Here is an example of a Header field: 

and an example of an Info field:

 Updated for Jomablue 3.31 onward

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