Custom Fields can have specific validation applied. This is to ensure Paid Registration users enter a desired value into the fields during the activation of their registration. 

As examples; 

  • Limit a Custom Fields called "Member Number" to 11 numeric characters only. 
  • Ask the person for a link to their Linked In profile and validate it to ensure its a valid URL. 
  • Ensure a valid email address is entered into the "Alternate Email" field. 

Adding Validation

Validation is added to the following field under Event Configuration > Settings > Custom Fields.

A blank field means there are no validation rules being applied.

Validation Rules

Validation rules can be applied singular or combined into the Validation Rules field. If combined, they must be separated by pipe. e.g:


To use validation rules, simply paste the validation rule (e.g: "alpha" or "alpha_dash" into the Validation Rules field in the Custom Field. 

Here are the available validation rules:

  • alpha
  • alpha_num
  • alpha_dash
  • between
  • digits
  • email
  • max
  • max_value
  • min
  • min_value
  • numeric
  • url


Validation Rule: alpha

Must only contain alphabetic characters.


Validation Rule: alpha_num

Must contain alphabetic characters or numbers. No spaces or special characters.


Validation Rule: alpha_dash

Must only contain alphabetic characters, numbers, dashes or underscores.


Validation Rule: between:1,11

Must have a numeric value bounded by a minimum value and a maximum value, in this example, between 1 and 11.


Validation Rule: digits

Must be numeric and have the specified number of digits.


Validation Rule: email

Must be a valid email address


Validation Rule: max:11

Must not exceed the specified length, in this example it's 11 characters.


Validation Rule: max_value:500

Must be a numeric value and must not be more than the specified value, in this example it's 500.


Validation Rule: min:3

Must not be less than the specified length, in this example it's 3 characters.


Validation Rule: min:100

Must be a numeric value and must not be less than the specified value, in this example it's 100.


Validation Rule: numeric

 Must only consist of numbers.


Validation Rule: url

Must be a valid URL

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