Jomablue supports configuration of no tax, single tax or multiple taxes applied (e.g: state and federal taxes). The most common is a single tax applied to Admission to your event and Items sold for your event. 

Once you start selling Products, you are unable to change the tax.

What can I Apply Tax to?

Tax can be applied to the Admission cost of the event and the Items sold for an event (T-Shirts, Gala Dinner Tickets etc).

How is Tax Calculated?

Tax is automatically calculated against line items when a person checks out of a Site. For this to happen, Jomablue requires the tax amount (represented as a decimal) to be set. It is important to note, any prices entered into Jomablue should always be excluding tax and rounded to 4 decimal places. This allows us to automatically calculate tax and round with minimal rounding errors.

Adding Tax to an Event

  • Navigate to Registration > Configuration > Taxes
  • Select New Tax
  • You can either enter the details of a new tax or copy it from another event

Once a tax is added to the event, you can proceed to create Admissions and select the Tax created. 

Here is an example of adding Australia's GST of 10%: 

Here is another example of adding Singapore's GST of 7%:

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