During the period that you are actively selling produces for your event you might take the opportunity to update some of the Custom Field values (the option is in a dropdown box). This is usually because you have noticed that a subset of your audience is selecting the "other" options when activating their registrations and you want to know more about them.

Pro Tip :
To easily see a breakdown of responses in a friendly pie chart, navigate to
Insights > Audience

Can I remove values? 

Although it is possible we don't recommend it. As these values have probably already been submitted by people activating their Registration. If a person record contains a value that you remove, then that field will display blank on a person record. 

We would always recommend not removing values, but adding values then refining the list for the next event you launch.

Can I add values?

Yes, adding values has no impact on existing or new Registration Activation. Once new values are added, they will be an available option for Registration Activation from that point forward.

You can add values via Custom Fields in Settings

Please note: Field Labels, Field Descriptions, the order of fields and the inclusion of fields or not (set under Admissions) can be updated at anytime without any impact on users. 

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