In some cases, you might want to send out communications that contain a special deal, or access to an early bird rate. Generally, you would provide a coupon code in the email, and ask the users to enter it. 

Using Jomablue, you can actually include the Coupon as part of the URL - making it a single click solution, where the users see the discount applied immediately.

Automatically Apply Coupons

After you create a Coupon, you need to add the Coupon to the Site URL, as a URL parameter. The format is "?coupon=myCouponCode", where 'myCouponCode' is the code you created in the Coupon.

Here is an example

Let's say the Site URL is:

To add the Coupon, you would simply add the following to the end:

Here is the complete URL you can share publicly:

Just remember to replace 'myCouponCode' with your actual coupon code.

Use Cases

Automatically applied coupons can have a variety of uses, here are a few examples:

  • Provide each of your sales representatives with a link to the site with their own unique coupon code embedded (for them to share or add to their signature), so you can track each rep's performance
  • When providing a VIP with special VIP pricing, you can include the VIP coupon in the URL so they don't need to enter a coupon code

Updated for Jomablue 3.32 onward

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