When people purchase a Product, they are required to Activate the Registration. This step lets you know the details of the person attending. It may not be the same person who made the purchase.

In some cases, people might purchase on behalf of others or forget to Activate the Registration. To remind them to do so, you can send a reminder email directly from Jomablue. This email can be automatically sent to any billing email address that contains an unregistered Product.

Our recommendation is to start sending these about 2 weeks before your event and increasing the frequency to a daily reminder in the few days prior. We generally see between 30-60% of recipients action the reminder within 24 hours.

Sending Registration Reminders

Firstly you need to create a Registration Reminder Template; for instructions on how to do so, read this article.

Once that is created you can setup the Campaign. Once you have created the Template, create a Registration Reminder Campaign by following the method in this article.

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