Why do I see 'transaction_error' in the Recent Orders list? 

In Jomablue, each financial transaction (no matter the status) is linked directly to an Order. In other words, the financial transaction can't take place without an order being generated first. This process happens automatically, in the background. 

It is also important to note that the Order ID is passed to the payment gateway, so before payments are passed to the payment gateway, users must generate the Order. 

When a financial transaction fails, the Order ID still retains all the details associated the Order. Even though an Order is created the Products and Items within the order were never issued or removed from inventories. 

Therefore, it is safe to ignore the transaction_error rows listed in 'Recent Orders'.

Transaction Error Followed by a Successful Payment

It is often the case where you will see an order with 'transaction_error' followed by a successful payment (payment_received) with the same Billing details. Generally this is due to the user receiving feedback of 'Insufficient funds' or 'Do not Honour' while attempting to place their Order in the Site. This allows them to try another credit card and that is often the result of the proceeding successful order. 

A reminder that feedback from the payment attempt is displayed to users. It can also be seen under the Order > Logs tab. In other words, if their card is declined and the bank issues a reason (such as insufficient funds), the user will see that and you can too under the Order > Logs tab. 

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