If your event has a Walk In form, or you're adding Records manually when onsite, this is how you can print their badge, using Event Kit.

Methods of adding People to Jomablue, when using Event Kit

People Records can be added a number of ways.

Walk In Forms

Walk In forms can still be used when using Event Kit. When configuring the Walk In form, in the Site configuration, set the Behaviour to "Register Only" (see the screenshot below):

Then, simply set the Registration Confirmation Message to direct the person to an usher with an iPad, to print their badge. 

The usher will search for them by name, and print their badge. 

Printing Badges for People recently added to Jomablue

When using Jomablue Event Kit / Jomablue Lite, the only way to print a badge is using the Jomablue Lite iPad App (printing is unavailable from the portal or e-Ticket scanners).

Therefore, no matter the method of adding people into Jomablue (listed above), after they are added as a Person in Jomablue, simply search for the Person on the iPad app and print their badge.

Updated for Jomablue 3.32 onward

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