During the e-Ticketing process, it is possible that you might receive a email or call from someone stating they have not received their e-Ticket and their colleagues have.

Assuming they are a registered person, there is a number of reasons why they wouldn't have received the link.

  • First and foremost, are they Registered? 

  • Is their email correct and free from typos (eg: .con instead of .com)

  • Have they checked their Junk Email folder? 

If the above doesn't find the issue, it's likely the email has been caught in a spam filter. If so, it is possible that we have no record of it being caught and the recipient also has no indication its been caught in a filter.

Re-sending an e-Ticket

Due the to likeliness that re-sending the e-Ticket email to an individual will be caught in the same spam filter we suggest using an alternative process for them to obtain their e-Ticket link.

The idea here is to obtain their individual e-Ticket Link from inside Jomablue and send it to them via another means. By replying to their helpdesk ticket or email request you increase the chances of delivery. 

If neither of these options are available, we recommend sending it from your work email account. Receiving an email sent directly from a person, rather than as an automated campaign, gives it the best chance of re-delivery. 

To obtain the e-Ticket Link for a person:

  • Search for them in Jomablue

  • On the right hand side select e-Ticket Link

  • You will need to select which e-Ticket template you want to include for this person (you created these under Templates)

  • A link will be copied to your clipboard

  • You can preview the link by pasting it in your browser, once confirmed, you can include that link in the email to the recipient 

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