You (or someone else) can be notified when people arrive at an event. This is useful if you have VIP's arriving, or Account Managers wanting to personally meet and greet specific attendees.

How does it Work

Once Arrival Notifications are set up, as the relevant VIP has their name badge printed a SMS is automatically sent. The SMS looks like this: 

The SMS contains their First Name, Last Name and their contact number so you can easily contact them.

How do I enable it? 

Firstly, the person receiving the notification must exist as a Person in the event and have a valid mobile number on their Person Record. 

Enable a VIP notification

  • Search for the Person

  • Select Arrival Notification

  • Search for the person you want to send the Arrival Notification too

  • After selecting the person you want to sent it too, you will see a Tick icon appear. This is confirming that a recipient has been selected

  • IMPORTANT: Press SAVE to update the record


How fast is it? 

The moment their Smart Badge completes printing the SMS is sent. That SMS (on average) is delivered in 5 seconds.

How many people can I notify about a VIP Arrival

Only one person. The reason for this is accountability. If it's sent to more than one person via SMS, it can often be overlooked, assuming "the other person" will handle it. This confusion can lead to no one taking action.

For this reason you can only select one recipient. The sole recipient is the person that NEEDS to know or NEEDS to take action based on a VIP's arrival. 

How many VIP Arrival Notifications can I set up?

There is no limit to how many arrival notifications can be enabled, however the real value of this feature comes from using it appropriately - if you receive 30 notifications all at once you are more likely to miss the important ones! Make sure you only select attendees who you need to be notified of (for example keynote speakers, media etc)

Jomablue Lite

This feature is not supported by Jomablue Lite

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