Grouping Vendors by Tier

You may wish to allocate your Vendors by Sponsorship level, type of Vendor or other relevant grouping. To do this, you need to add Vendor Groups. 

Firstly, Jomablue need to load your Groups. Here are some examples: 

  • 1. Gold, 2. Silver, 3. Bronze
  • Accounting, Biometric, Marketing

Once your Groups have been added by Jomablue, you can allocate them to the individual Vendors.

  • Navigate to the Vendor Detail and select the Traits tab 
  • Select (+) next to Selected Groups
  • You can select one or many groups here. We recommend placing Vendors in only one group to make the list feel manageable for app users

Here is an example of how the list is presented to an Event App user when Vendors are grouped. You will see there is: 

  • One Gold Sponsor
  • Two Silver Sponsors
  • One Vendor without a Group

Important things to keep in mind about Grouping Vendors:

  • The Groups are sorted alphabetically. So if you would like "Gold" to appear before "Bronze" we suggest naming the groups "1. Gold" "2.Bronze" etc. 
  • All Vendors within a Group are sorted alphabetically
  • Any Vendors that do not belong in a Group appear in a final group without a heading
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