<h1..h6> … </h1..h6>

All six levels of Headings, with 1 being the most important on a page and 6 being the least. These elements are used to describe content sections on a page.

Grouping Content

<div> … </div>

A generic container used to denote a page section or block.

Paragraphs of Text

<p> … </p>

This foundational tag is used to organize paragraphs of text.

Line Breaks


Creates a line break (or old-school carriage-return), useful for writing blocks of text that need to be on different lines (think addresses, etc.)

Horizontal Rules


Creates a horizontal rule, a sectional break in an HTML page. Typically used to denote a change in topic or section of a page.


<img src="http://hosteimages.com/libraryplanets.gif">

An image tag to include and display image files. The images must be hosted externally when using the image tag. 

Strong or Bold Text 

<b> … </b> 
<strong> … </strong>

Indicating STRONG emphasis, displayed bold in most browsers.

Another way to create bold text, however it’s more for drawing attention as opposed to emphasizing extra emphasis like the previous tag.

Links to Sites or Content

 <a href=”https://mywebsite.com”> 

A hyperlink to another website. 

Other HTML elements available: 

  • Basic Tables
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists
  • Links (href)

Not Supported

  • Scripts 


An example of a Custom Page for the Event App can be found here

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