When selling Items in a Site, you are able to set a global stock level across all Sites in an event. Items with a global stock level can be included in multiple Products across multiple Sites and will all come from this global level. 

This is useful if you have limited quantities of Items for sale, e.g. limited places at a gala dinner or limited swag bags. 

How to set a global stock level for an Item:

  • First, you'll need to create the Item
  • Then, go to the Registration section of Jomablue
  • Open the Configuration page
  • Choose the Items tab

Here you are able to select Taxes to apply to the Item and set a Global Stock Level for the Item (see below). 

To view the current stock level of an Item, go to the configuration page (Registration > Configuration > Items) and the number of Items sold will appear on the right as shown in the example below.

Within a Site, an Item will be marked as sold out if the Global Stock Level has been exhausted. Note that the Product itself will still be available for purchase. 

The below example demonstrates this, the product Event Product Name has a sold-out Item, but the Product itself is available for purchase. 

If an Item that is automatically included in a Product becomes sold out, then the entire Product is marked as sold out, even if there is remaining stock for the Product itself. See the below example with the product called Event 2nd Product Name.

Setting an Item to Sold Out

To manually set an Item to appear as Sold Out in Sites and Add-ons, navigate to Registration > Configuration and click on the Items tab. Select the Item you wish to set as Sold Out, and then simply set the Global Inventory limit to be equal to or less than the number of Items that have already been sold.

How does this affect Add-ons?

If your Item Global Stock levels are depleted (ie: you have sold out) and there are addons that have not been redeemed, the user will be prevented from completing their order and will see a 'sold out' message

To avoid this, ensure there is ample Global Stock Levels if you have outstanding addon offers. 

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