The Agenda view within Community is a useful view of all the Sessions occurring during an event, listed in chronological order. There are also a number of features that make each user's Agenda view personalized and constantly up-to-date. 

Each Session in the Agenda is displayed with the Session name, start and end times, and location. They can also be added to a personalised Agenda via the Add to My Agenda icon on the right of each Session.

Note: Sessions can be hidden from the Community. This is configured under the Session detail in Jomablue. 

A sample Agenda view can be seen below:

Features of Community Agenda

My Agenda
The Agenda supports creating a personalised Agenda which can be accessed via the My Agenda toggle in the top bar. Sessions can be added to your personalised Agenda by tapping the calendar icons at the right of each Session in the main Agenda view.

The Jump-to-now feature within the Agenda is active during the event. While an event is running, upon opening the Agenda, the Agenda will automatically scroll to the Session(s) that are currently running. Additionally, events that are running will have the text "on now" pulsing in green, to indicate the Session is currently running. 

Quick Dates
A user can easily jump to days of the event using date buttons located at the bottom of the screen. This will scroll a user to the Sessions for that day in one tap.

This tab is visible for one day events as well as multiple day events. The date format displayed is designed to be region agnostic and is not configurable. 

For each Session users can see if they're entitled to attend, not entitled to attend, or if they have attended the Session. A user must be logged in to the app to see their entitlements.

Not Entitled to attend:

Entitled to attend: 

Automatic updating

The Agenda keeps itself up-to-date at all times. If changes are made to the Agenda in the Portal, then they will be automatically and instantly be reflected in the Event App.

Session Promotion

The Community Agenda supports in-line promotion of Sessions - text and/or a photo promoting a specific Session can be configured to display with the Agenda itself. For more information on this, see this article

Updated for Jomablue 5.3 onward

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