Creating an Event App

To create an Event App, simply navigate to
App Specific > Settings
then press Create Event App.

By making the app active = Yes and pressing save, you can see your app live immediately - no other field is required. 

That's it! 

Note: Event Apps are a charged item and require your Jomablue subscription to have access.

Editing Event App

Toggle Active to control if the Event App can be accessed publicly or not

Event App header Image
800 x 200 px jpg or png.
This is displayed in the events listing when a user lands on the Avent App for the first time, or when switch event is used.

Note: The preview displayed on this page may add padding to the background, so press Go to Event App to see how it will look to your users. 

Event App Menu Image
600 x 192 px jpg or png.
This is displayed at the top of the Event App menu.

Event App Colour
Select a hex code (e.g: #006eb7) that is familiar to your brand. It must be a contrasting colour to white so that the white text can be read in the menu header.

This colour is applied to the header, buttons and other elements in the Event App. Here is a blue and a purple example of the Event App colour and their corresponding hex values for saving in Jomablue.

Here is a useful hex conversion tool and here is a hex colour picker 

Note that the Event App colour is event-specific - if you have multiple events in your instance, then you can set different colours for each of them (example use case: if you're running concurrent events you may wish to use different colours for different events).

Note: the colour of the Event Switching page is determined by the colour of the first event configured for the App.

Welcome Message
Plain text only, up to 200 characters is recommended. This message welcomes the users to the App or shares other useful arrival information. See a preview and more information here

Custom Login Message
Plain text only. This message is displayed on the Login page of the Event App (if this field is not populated then a default message will be displayed).

For advanced users only, this requires a correctly formatted JSON to customize the Language, Menu and other advanced options. Read more about Advanced Customization.

Organisation-wide Event App Settings
Event App icon, name and other attributes are organization wide settings (and not per event). Be mindful when uploading the creative and content for these. More about Event App icon and preview images.

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