The Feed within the Jomablue Event App displays a scrolling reverse-chronological list of a persons interactions at an event. These include Sessions attended, Vendors visited, and broadcast announcements. The Feed is only visible once a person has logged in to the Event App.

The items in the Feed are displayed in boxes which we refer to as Cards.

Important: Please note that these announcements are not pushed to the devices via push notifications, the user is required to log in and open their Feed to view the announcement.


Users will see the Session name and the time that they attended the Session. The card that the user receives upon checking in to the Session can optionally include custom HTML, and a star rating and free-form text session review box. These are all configured in the Portal on a per-session basis, by going to Sessions in Portal, selecting the desired session, then clicking on Check In.

An example of a Session Card (including the star rating and free-form text review field) can be seen below:


After interacting with a Vendor, users will see the Vendor display name and the time that they interacted. Additionally, a link to an external website can be included in the Card, and an image will be displayed - a custom "visited" image can be uploaded, otherwise the Vendor logo will be used by default.


Announcements can be configured within Jomablue and will appear in the Feed of all guests or select categories of People. They can be scheduled for a date/time in the future and won't be displayed in the Feed until that time.

Announcements can include:

  • Plain Text Headings up to 60 characters
  • HTML descriptions (editable via a WYSIWYG editor)
  • A header image (we recommend an image 1200 pixels wide, and as small a file size as possible for quick loading on mobile devices)

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