Coupons are a powerful tool to use when promoting your event and incentivising ticket purchases. There are many different ways to use coupons, so we have some common coupon uses listed below, to help you get started.

Buy one product, get one free

One of the simplest coupons is the Buy One Get One Free coupon. The example here will grant a free admission the customer with the purchase of an additional identical admission. It can be configured with the below settings (with explanations):

Limit to one product discount per order - Yes. This ensures that the discount is only applied once per order

Type - percent off. This type is suitable here as the discount could apply to more than one differently-priced product

Value - 100. This is the value of the discount (in this case as the Type is percent off, the value is 100%)

Minimum qty - 2. This is the minimum quantity of products required to be in the cart to enable the discount. As this is a Buy one get one free deal, the minimum quantity required is 2

Maximum qty - 2. This is the maximum quantity of products the discount can be applied to, in this caseĀ 

Buy one product, get one half price

A similar example is buy one, get one half price. This coupon will grant a 50% discount on the second admission of the same type. The configuration is identical to the "Buy one get one free" coupon, except Value should be set to 50 instead of 100.

Buy two products, get $200 off the third

Another common usage of coupons is a flat amount off a product, rather than a percentage. Configuration of this coupon is similar to a percentage discount, and simply requires a different discount type and the corresponding amount. The discount configuration can be seen below:

Limit to one product discount per order - Yes. This ensures that the discount will only apply to one product in the order

Type - fixed amount off. This ensures that the value will be an amount in dollars discounted off the product

Value - 200. In this case we want the discount to be $200 off a product

Minimum qty - 3. This ensures that three products are in the cart to apply the discount

Maximum qty - 3. This limits the discount to being applied to just the third product

Buy 5 Products to get 10% off each of them

Another common use of Coupons is to provide a flat discount to a number of Products in an Order once a certain number of Products have been added to that Order. Example configuration can be found below:

As we are applying this Coupon to multiple Products, we don't want to limit to one product discount per order:

Limit to one product discount per order - Yes. This will ensure that the discount will be applied to all eligible Products in the Order.

Type - Percent off. This indicates the discount is percentage-based.

Value - 10. This sets the percentage off to 10%.

Minimum qty - 5. This ensures that 5 Products must be added to the Order in order to enable the Discount.

Maximum qty - 5. This ensures that the Discount is only applied to 5 Products in the Order.

Updated for Jomablue 3.32 onward

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