When cancelling a product, item or an entire order with the intention of giving a refund, you have the opportunity to charge a fee. That fee (called an adjustment fee) is generally considered as a cancellation fee, administration fee or other cost covering adjustment fee. The fee amount is at your discretion and probably subject to your event terms and conditions. We recommend at least covering credit card transaction costs, even if you are planning to refund the full amount.

The adjustment fee that is charged, may be subject to tax. If so, you can select the tax you wish to apply under Adjustment Fee Taxes and press Save. 

Tax will then be automatically added to the fee you are charging when cancelling a Product, Item or entire Order. The including and excluding tax amount is displayed.
Here is an example: 

Consult your local, state and federal law for confirmation about if administration fees are subject to tax. As a general rule of thumb, if you are applying tax to the products you are selling in Jomablue, then you should apply the same tax to adjustment fees. 

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