How do I install the Event App?

The Event App doesn't require installation, but it can be Saved to your Home screen.
What is a progressive web application (PWA?)
Here is a great quick video from Nigel Mendoza. 

Isn't this just a website?
No, the progressive web application is an application accessed via your browser. It provides app-like experiences while being accessed simply, through a familiar browser. 

What devices does this work on?
All smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops with a modern internet browser.

How long before my updates to the agenda are published?

They are published instantly to 100% of the audience.

How long does it take to build and release the app to our audience?

Instantly. The app is ready as soon as you mark it as Active and you can distribute it immediately. 

Can the event app URL be changed from xxxx.jomablue.com/eventapp ?
No it can't be changed, the URL is fixed.



Can the home screen Icon be customized?

Yes, you need to upload a 512 x 512 px icon. Find more info here.

Can I change the name that appears under the home screen icon?
Yes you can. Find more info here.

Can I add paragraphs, line breaks or spacing in the description fields?
Some fields support HTML for line breaks etc. Read more here

Can I add sponsor logos to Sessions?
You can use HTML to add an image to the description of a Session.

What is the image I see when sharing the event app via iMessage, Slack or any social channel?
That is the Event App preview image (aka: og image), it can be set in Organisation Settings.  If nothing is set, the default is used. 

Can I change the font in the Event App?
Not currently, the font styling is not customizable.



What is the best size for Speaker images?
500x500px of their head/shoulders.

What order are Speakers displayed in?
View answer here.

Can I use black and white Photos?
Yes, but for consistency, we recommend you ensure they are all black and white or all colour.

Can I use the Speakers Company logo instead of their head shot?



What in app rating options are there?
Each session can optionally have a 5 star rating and/or a comment. If you require more than this, we recommend using a survey. 

Long Session Names, how long is too long?
Session names will wrap in the agenda list view, but we recommend session names of up to 80 characters

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