Event App Session Ratings are a useful tool to get instant feedback from guests about the Sessions they have attended. Upon check-in to a Session a Card is sent to the guest's Feed, this Card can be customized with HTML, as well as custom hyperlinks to external websites.

Additionally, the Card can be configured to include a star rating. and text rating field. These can be used to rate the Session out of 5 stars, as well as leave free-form text feedback.

Examples of how a Session rating card looks before submission (left) and after submission (right) can be seen below.


To configure a session card, in the Portal, navigate to Sessions, click on the Session you wish to add the Card to, then click on the Check In tab. The right-hand side of the display will look like the following image; explanations of each field can be found below the image.

Card Link Label - the Card can have a link included, and this is the text that will display as that link. Note: to configure the following 2 fields, there must be text in this field.

Card Link Type - the link included with the Card can either an external or internal link. Note: the internal link feature is only available for legacy app users.

Card Link External URL - the URL to which the link is pointed. This can be a download link for a whitepaper, or a link to your website; anything that you want your guests to visit after having attended the Session.

Card HTML content - the Card can have HTML content with basic HTML - click here to see what HTML is supported.

Card Star Rating - enable the star rating for a Session Card

Card Text Rating - enable the free-form text rating field for a Session Card

Card rating text - custom text can be used for the Session rating Card, the default text is "Your Feedback"

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