You can provide users with the ability to filter Sessions displayed in the Agenda, by adding Traits to Jomablue. Traits appear as "Filters" in the Agenda. Here is an example of how the filter menu looks in the Event App Agenda.

Creating Trait Groups/Types

To create a Trait Group, log in to Jomablue and navigate to App Specific > Traits, then click on the New Trait Type button at the top right-hand corner of the page. 

Enter the name of your Trait Group/Type, and then click Save to save it.

Creating Traits

To create a Trait, you must first create the Trait Group it is intended to be placed in. Once this has been completed, navigate to App Specific > Traits and then click the New Trait button at the top right-hand corner of the page. 

Enter the name of your Trait, and then select the Trait Group that it is intended to be placed in. Finally, click Save to save your work.

Trait Group and Trait Examples

Once added they will be available for selection on the Session Detail screen. A session can have multiple Traits. 

Here are some examples: 

Trait Group:  Level
Traits: Level 100, Level 200, Level 300

Trait Group: Type
Traits: Keynote, Hands on, Interactive, Party

Trait Group: Industry
Traits: Engineering, Vehicle, Scientific, Publishing, Pharmaceutical

Please note: A session can belong to more than one trait

Ordering of Traits

The order of the Filter menu is as follows. 

  • Trait Groups will always appear above Locations
  • Trait groups are ordered alphabetically
  • Traits inside groups are ordered alphabetically

Hide Traits and Locations in the Filter Menu

Traits will only be displayed if they are assigned to a Session. Therefore if a Trait is created but not assigned to a Session, it will not display in the menu.

Trait Groups
Trait Groups will only display if a Trait in the group is associated to a Session.

Locations will only display if they are associated to a Session.

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