Q: How do I use my Lead Capture device?
Click here to watch a video, showing how to use your Jomablue Lead Capture Device.

Q: How to I access the email templates to send to leads?
Email templates can be accessed from a lead record, in a box titled Select an email. Tap to activate the drop menu menu, showing your email options.

If you don't see the drop down menu, it is because this functionality has not been activated for your event. You can still email your leads, using the data in your CSV download.

Q: Will the battery last for the whole event?
Yes. With moderate use the battery will last for about 4 days. If you notice the battery getting low, please alert the Jomablue team. However, it is unlikely you will need to charge your lead capture device during the event.

Q: How do I access my leads?

A: In the device menu, locate Export Leads. Your company's email domain will have been pre-configured so you only need to enter your email prefix - if your email address is "max@jomablue.com" then your prefix is just "max".

Enter your email prefix, and tap Send Secure URL - an email containing a link will be delivered to your email inbox. The link contained in the email will direct you to a page with a single-use download link where you will be able to download your leads as a CSV file. The link is updated in real-time, so when you click on it, it will download a CSV containing all the leads you had captured up until that point in time.

If the download link has already been used, but more leads have been captured or the file needs to be downloaded again, you'll either need to send a new email from your Lead Capture Device, or request a new link from the "link expired" page (see below). As the page suggests, it will send a new link to the same email address that the original link was sent to.

Q: How long are my leads available to download?
Your lead export will be available to download for 30 days after the end date of the event, after which you will no longer be able to access them.

For more FAQ's please go to the following link; Jomablue Lead Capture FAQs

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