The phrase 'data in equals data out' couldn't be more true when it comes to both the attendee experience at an event and also the insights derived from attendee behaviour post-event. We believe in planning and agreeing upon the data transfer schedule early on to ensure timely delivery of attendee data. Please see the below pointers detailing our expectation for receiving data and best practice guidelines;


At the outset of a project, we will work to provide a schedule for delivery of test and production data files. This schedule will be carefully determined based upon the expected workload required to process a data file in readiness to import. We plan for one test file delivery, followed by delivery of the production registration data file.

Influences on data schedule;

  • e-Ticket communications schedule - ensures all required data is in Jomablue in order to send attendee e-tickets

  • App release schedule - if the event App is to be released 2 weeks prior to show-day, this will require attendee data to have been imported into Jomablue before this date.

Impacts on timing;

We will always try and find a schedule of delivery that suits you and understand things change! However it's important to note that late delivery of test data file and delivery of data files which are of a different format/structure to what was agreed may have an impact upon the timing of importing event data.

Structure & Format 

Consistent structure - to aid in a speedy and easy data import we have a standard template that we encourage you to use. Ensuring all event data files are consistent means the import process can be hassle-free. Examples of the registration data fields we store are as follows;

  • Basic information e.g. First Name, Last Name, Company, Job Title, email, mobile

  • Session entitlements e.g. if an attendee is entitled to any restricted sessions

  • Item entitlements e.g. if an attendee is entitled to collect physical items at the event

  • Categories e.g. Delegate, exhibitor, VIP, speaker, media

  • Other custom information - this will be determined at the outset and refers to any information that is to be maintained within the Jomablue portal

Format - we accept the following file types;

  • Google sheets

  • Microsoft Excel

  • CSV files

Data Cleanliness

Dirty data can have a significant impact upon the attendee experience and we understand how time-consuming a process cleaning data can be. However, it's important we work together to ensure that proper data cleaning is conducted in advance of data file transfer;

  • First Name, Last Name Company and Job title should not contain any leading or trailing spaces

  • Mobile Numbers must be in international format (eg: +61420313413) and not contain spaces, brackets or hyphens.

  • UIDs should be consistent when identifying records within your CRM

Delivery & Security

Data security is a primary concern of ours, particularly when it concerns attendees’ personal information. As such, we ask that delivery of data files follow the below set of guidelines;

  • Delivered files should always be encrypted when being handed to Jomablue.

  • Although not recommended by Jomablue, if sent via email, data files must be locked with a password and the password communicated via another means (eg via SMS)

  • Access to files should be determined and maintained from outset

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