When successfully launching an event app we know some of the basics are the same no matter the type or size of event. We hope this article and templates supports you in being successful in preparing and launching your event app.


The Jomablue Event app is a collection of information presented to your delegates in a structured way that is easy for them to use on a mobile device. We’ve spent years understanding how people consume event information on a mobile device. We continue to invest in improving our understanding of how best to present that information.

How much content goes in an event app?

Experience tells us single-day events don’t have the same potential for delegate engagement with event apps as a multi-day event. If your event is a single day then we suggest focus your attention primarily on how you can use the event app to be the best digital agenda it can be. If, however, you have a multi-day event, then the information needs of your delegates is more broad. They need to understand how to take away the most from your event. Listings of your exhibitors and sponsors increase in value on multi-day events. Either way, don’t forget the basics for all delegates. Custom page content within the event app ensures Transport, Parking, What To Expect, Catering, Social Information and similar topics are covered for all.

Start with a plan

A great launch plan should start from the top of assigning roles and responsibilities before diving too deep into individual content management or marketing tasks. We’ve created a template for you to help start the planning process. The tasks are divided into categories to assist you.

Plan the experience

Be sure to understand how the event app is going to support delegates at your event. List all the information needs for delegates across all your channels, then determine where does an event app fit. Don’t do this task in isolation of other stakeholders who manage content or control an information channel.

Who does what?

An event app is an investment in your success and needs the right people to make it happen. As you plan your launch know who is on your team to enter and maintain content. It's an often-forgotten responsibility to maintain your content. An event app quickly becomes out of date unless you invest in it and have a process for that maintenance.

Collect your content

Once you’ve decided the content areas you will use and how the content will be entered and maintained, it's time to be sure you have all the content you need. The process of entering the content into Jomablue is easy, but gets hard if you are searching for content at each step. Collect all the content you need before you start entering information into Jomablue. Consider other controllers of information - do you need to brief the Speaker Manager to ensure they are collecting everything about speakers that is needed for the Event app.

Tell your audience 

You are making great progress. You’ve planned your content and know you have a process to maintain it. It's time now to plan how and when you communicate your event app. This isn’t as straightforward as some may first think. After someone has registered to attend, you have limited opportunities to get your message to them. This can be for a variety of reasons. Some organisations have communications restrictions placed on frequency of communications or it may be that you know your email open rates diminish as you increase the frequency. Whatever the constraints, the point is to plan your event app related communications for maximum benefit. Communicate too early and you risk sending them information that changes or reaches them at a time when they are not ready to engage in a mobile experience.

Some suggested methods for telling your audience about your Event App include:

  • Including a link to the Event App in the e-Ticket Emails and SMS's
  • Sending a link to the Event App via SMS when people check in to the Keynote
  • Adding "Tap to Download" Touchpoints around the Event

For more information about distributing your Event App, check out this article.

Get Started with a Template

Time to dive into some tasks. Check out this template to get started - free to copy it into your favourite task management tool.

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