Some corporate email servers have spam filters that can prevent some emails reaching the recipient they are sent to. 1 in 5 commercial emails never reach the desired inbox [1]. This can be frustrating and, on the surface, appear to be unexplainable. While we are not necessarily able to solve every instance, Jomablue has tools to help us understand what is going on.

How Jomablue sends emails:

  1. Jomablue sends an “envelope” to our email servers that contain an email for a recipient. It has instructions that say “send this email to a specific person.”
  2. The email servers receive the envelope and send a notification to Jomablue to confirm the envelope and it's intent to send a email.
  3. The Jomablue email server then sends the email to the server that the recipient belongs too
  4. When the message is received by email servers at the recipient's office that server responds to the Jomablue email server to say “ I have received your request to deliver an email to an inbox of an employee in my company”
  5. At that point, the recipient's email server tells Jomablue email servers “you can consider this email as delivered” From this point Jomablue has no visibility of the status of the email. This could mean the recipient’s email servers could never actually deliver the email to the desired inbox, it could be placed in a quarantine queue or it could be put in a person spam/junk folder

Jomablue recommends:

  • If email messages end up in Junk, move them to your inbox, this helps your spam filters learn
  • Asking your IT department or contact to whitelist the '' and '' domain names

Keep reading If you feel like getting a bit more technical:

In addition, Jomablue undertake a number of measures to help things go smoothly;

  • Monitors blacklists to ensure no Jomablue owned domain appears on an email blacklist
  • Monitor email send reputation scores
  • Runs testing tools on a regular basis like Litmus and ReturnPath

[1] Source:

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