A key component of the Jomablue Platform is the Jomablue Smart Badge - a NFC-enabled badge printed for each guest upon checking in to an event, which the guest will use as their key for many aspects of an event. 

What is the Jomablue Smart Badge?

The Jomablue Smart Badge is the physical PVC card with an embedded NFC chip. Once printed and provided to attendees, it becomes their digital business card for use at the event. At the time of printing, it is encoded and linked to the attendee, and acts as an identifier - no personal information is stored on the Smart Badge so it presents no privacy risk if lost or stolen.


The Smart Badge is used throughout the event. In addition to improving your guest's event experience, it enables us to measure and track attendee behaviour, allowing you to map each attendee's journey as well as the overall journeys of all attendees at the event. Some uses of the Smart Badge include:

  • Upon arrival, an attendee's Smart Badge is printed and given to them for use in the event

  • Exhibitors can capture attendees as leads by tapping their Smart Badge on a Jomablue Lead Capture Device

  • Event staff can check attendees into sessions by tapping their Smart Badge on a Jomablue Session Check-In Device

  • Attendees can tap their Smart Badge on a Jomablue Touchpoint to get access to Session Related Content, poster or whitepaper downloads, to enter competitions or download surveys, or gain access to any other material you would like to provide them

  • Event staff can manage physical item distribution by tapping an attendee's Smart Badge on a Jomablue Item Collection device

What does a Jomablue Smart Badge look like?

Smart Badge Specifications

The Jomablue Smart Badge is a PVC card measuring 85.6mm x 54mm with rounded corners. By default it is white, however it can be manufactured with a custom printed artwork, or in a solid colour (if you plan to use a non-standard option, we allow for 5 weeks from order until event date for custom manufacturing - consult your Project Manager to determine the right option for your event).

Lanyards and Pouches

The Jomablue Smart Badge is typically used attached to a lanyard - there are a number of options for how to achieve this. Options include:

  • Inserting the Smart Badge into a clear plastic pouch attached to a lanyard (no holes in the Smart Badge required). This option can be used with a single- or double-sided printed insert that sits behind the Smart Badge in the pouch. Jomablue has designed a pouch for our Smart Badges and inserts which can be provided by us, or you can provide your own if desired

  • Clipping the Smart Badge directly to a lanyard (requires the Smart Badge to have one or two slots or circular holes on either the long or short edge, depending on the lanyard type and desired orientation). This option can also be used in conjunction with a backing card that clips to the lanyard behind the Smart Badge

If pouches or lanyards with backing cards are to be used, then they should be assembled prior to the event. This can be arranged by Jomablue or by the client if desired.

Some examples of Badges attached to lanyards via these methods can be seen below.

What gets printed on a Jomablue Smart Badge

The Jomablue Smart Badge can have any data you require printed on it. Custom fields and layouts are available, however the standard fields we use are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Company Name

  • Badge Codes

The ink colour used on the Smart Badge depends on the colour of the Badge or the artwork printed on it - by default our white Badges are printed in black, and black or coloured badges are printed in white. 

Each field on the Smart Badge can be printed in inverted colours (i.e. on a white badge, the text itself will be white with a black bounding box). This can be configured on a field-by-field basis, and can be used to highlight specific fields to make them more easily visible.

The default typeface printed on a Jomablue Smart Badge is Corbel. It is possible to use alternative fonts, however a custom font will require testing before it can be approved for use. Use of custom fonts will incur an additional cost for testing and setup, and please allow a minimum of 5 business days for testing and configuration.

Smart Badge Layout

The Jomablue Smart Badge layout can be selected from a range of standard layouts, or a custom layout can be created for your event (note that this may incur additional charges - consult your Project Manager for more information). The layouts can be either portrait or landscape, and can include any of the fields mentioned in the previous section, or custom fields if desired. The 5 standard horizontal badge layouts with various font sizes and fields selected can be seen below:

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