Successful projects are only possible with good communications in place. This starts with a clear understanding of deliverables and maintaining ongoing communications. We plan projects with the following flow.

Project Kick-Off Meeting

At the commencement of the project we will reach out to schedule a project Kick-off meeting. The objectives of this meeting are to be clear about the project deliverables and build/refine a project timeline.

Project Work In Progress meetings (WIP's)

Work In Progress (WIP) meetings are a useful tool of ensuring project deliverables are clear with all stakeholders and timelines are on track. In most cases, the Jomablue Project Manager will propose 5 WIP meetings. Depending on the size of the project this may be in addition to a Project Kick-Off and Final Production Meeting. 

Final Production Meeting

If a client hosted/arranged final production meeting is already scheduled for the project it may be relevant for Jomablue to join that meeting. In some cases it is more relevant for a separate meeting between Jomablue and relevant stakeholders. The Project Manager will work with the client to understand which makes most sense on a project by project basis. 

Project Management Team vs. Customer Success Team

Partnering with Jomablue means you will have dedicated support from project inception through to execution. Your first point of call and liaison throughout your event will be your PM team. This team will be responsible for planning and delivering all event requirements and will arrange the aforementioned Production and WIP meetings. 

For all event aspects relating to data transfer, creative assets, content upload, etc. our Customer Success Team will be your primary contact. This team will guide you on how and when to deliver content, as well as provide you with any day-to-day support you require. Additionally, once you are setup with Jomablue logons, you will be able to chat directly with one of our CS Team representatives from within our portal.

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