When preparing your registration terms and conditions we suggest you take the opportunity to educate your attendees about how they will be empowered to control personal data when using a Smart Badge. Below is some example copy, however ensure your legal representative is consulted to ensure copy is suitable for your situation.

You will be provided with a Smart Badge (“Badge”) to be used by you at the Event. While onsite at the event it is a requirement to wear the Badge to identify you as an authorised attendee. The Badge contains no personal information other than that printed on it. It contains technology allowing you to use it as a digital business card and electronic key. The organiser may require you to use it to gain access to sessions and areas of the event. Exhibitors, Sponsors, the event organiser and other authorised companies at the event may provide you with a way for you to use it to provide them with your details. You do so at your own risk and the organiser makes no representations or warranties about how those third parties may retain, use or disseminate your information. If your Badge is misplaced or lost, you will advise the information counter so it may be deactivated. After the Event it is safe to dispose of your Badge as you wish as it will no longer work.
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