When preparing your registration terms and conditions, we suggest you take the opportunity to educate your attendees about how they will be empowered to control personal data when using Jomablue Community.

There are two main components to Event Registration Terms and Conditions:

  • The Registration Terms Text (the acceptance statement text with a check-box that a user has to check to accept the linked Terms and Conditions)
  • Externally linked Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy (containing your event Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy)

Registration Terms Text

This is the text that someone registering needs to accept in order to complete their registration. The Registration Terms Text appears in the confirmation stage of the Registration process - and the user is required to check the "I Accept" box to submit their registration. Typically, the Registration Terms Text will refer to the external Terms and Conditions, which are linked in the footer of the page.

See the image below for a view of the confirmation stage, with the Registration Terms Text highlighted:

External Terms and Conditions

The other component of Registration Terms and Conditions is the externally-linked Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and any other documentation your attendees are required to accept in order to register.

Note - these Terms and Conditions must be externally hosted (on your own website or another third-party hosting service) - they cannot be hosted on Jomablue.

See below for another view of the confirmation stage, indicating the location of the External Terms and Conditions:

Updated for Jomablue 6.1 onwards

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