For Trusted Finance-level users in the Jomablue portal, the Financial Reports tab will appear in the left-hand menu within Portal under Registration > Financial Reports. The following reports are available:

Order Summary

All Orders, their billing details, current payment status, payment totals, payment gateway transaction ID, and if applicable, coupon information. 

For more information on the Order Summary, see this article

Order Custom Fields

This can be used to understand Order or Registration sources, Salesperson conversions, or other tracking parameters in both Free and Paid Registration. If you are correctly passing Tracking Parameters to your Orders, all unique 'keys' will appear as columns.

For more information on Order Custom Fields, see this article

Product Registration

A detailed report showing the status of each Product (including cancelled Products), the ordered Product, the associated billing details, and the name and organisation each Product is registered to (if registered).

For more information on the Product Registration Report, see this article

Item Allocation

A detailed report showing the status of each Item that has been purchased with a Product - including the status, Item Name, Item Assignee, Order ID, Order Type, Order Status, and timestamp.

Manual Payments

A report of all orders that have a 'manual' payment method (eg: EFT, cash, other). This includes all paid and unpaid orders. You can find unpaid invoices or reconcile EFT payments to your bank statements. 

For more information on the Manual Payments Report, see this article

Paperwork Archive

Jomablue can provide a zip file that contains PDF copies of all Invoices and Adjustment notes for a particular event. Please note, this should be used for archiving only, if you are trying to resend an invoice to someone, we recommend searching for their order within Jomablue and send it using built in functionality.

 The file format of the PDF's are as follows:

eg: INV-32-61172816218.pdf

  • INV = Invoice | ADJ = Adjustment Note 
  • Transaction ID's only appear on Adjustment notes

Please note that the Paperwork Archive can take a while to generate depending on the number of Invoices and Adjustment Notes. An archive containing 2,500 invoices takes approximately 10 mins to generate

Updated for Jomablue 3.31.0 onward

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