For Paid Registration, we use Braintree Payments as our payment gateway provider. Jomablue does not store or process any of the payments through our registration process. In order for Braintree to be setup for a new customer, approval is required before they will open a new account. Where alternate payment gateway providers allow setup of account before approval, this can be a highly costly process if approval is declined after the initial uplift has been conducted. The advantage in using Braintree is, this process is conducted right up front.

  1. If you already have a Braintree gateway approved and setup - great! Click here to view a step-by-step guide to configuring Braintree with Jomablue 
  2. If you have not setup a Braintree account, click here to apply. For further support articles on setting up an account with Braintree, read more here.

In submitting an application with Braintree, this will require an authorised person to submit the application, as well as to provide bank statements. As part of the sign-up process with Braintree, you will need to undergo financial review. If successful, financial reviews will continue to be held periodically thereafter. 

If, however, your application is initially rejected this can be due to Braintree recognising third-party vendors as high risk. This is occasionally the case if you are an agency collecting payment on behalf of your client. In this instance, you will be required to provide additional financial information for further consideration. The reason for the approval process is to initially determine a business's financial security and stability. Every online credit card processing business has financial underwriters who conduct an approval process for customers. An advantage of using Braintree is that this approval process takes place immediately, rather than after setting up your account with them.

We want to ensure this process is as easy and efficient as possible, so if you need further assistance please don't hesitate to liaise with your Jomablue Project Manager or our Customer Success Team at

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