This is only supported when the data was originally imported to Jomablue using the import tool and Organisation UID's were imported. Records without Organisation UID's are unable to be bulk processed. 

The Import Wizard supports the bulk cancellation of records. This can be processed as an individual cancellation file or cancelled records could be interlaced in a file that contains valid people records. 

Here is a very simple example of a cancellation file. It is based on the Simple Import Example that you can download from here. It contains only 10 records but you could easily process thousands at a time.

Let's step through this

  1. We have imported the Simple Import Example (from the link above). Noting that each record contained a Organisation UID at the time of import. 

2. Keep mind that you are likely managing registrations in a different system to Jomablue and we have now started receiving cancellations. In that system, you start marking them as cancelled, which then add's a column to the file that you will later upload to Jomablue. The file now looks like this: 

3. You can now import this file directly to Jomablue without any filtering before the import. To map the file you would do the following: 

  • Navigate to People > Import and select the file
  • Then map the Organisation UID and Status

This will result in the update of every record in Jomablue that is contained within the file. 

  • Existing records will remain as "Registered"
  • Rows that have cancelled will be transitioned to Cancelled
  • Any new records in the CSV (none in this case) will be added as "Registered"

How can I validate? 

The easiest way to validate is to spot check records by searching for the expected cancelled person. The "Cancelled" flag is displayed in the search results, as shown below.

If you would like to perform additional verification, you can look at insights or export all people and review their status by filtering the list in Excel. 

Please be advised: Cancelled people are automatically excluded from any campaigns. This can also be verified when you "preview" the campaign, the recipient list won’t display any cancelled people. If any people are cancelled after the campaign is scheduled they too will automatically be excluded at the time of sending.

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