The Event App has a wide range of customisation options available to ensure your Event App is on-brand and looking fantastic for your event. There are two main areas that the App can be customised - at the Organisation level (settings for all of your Events), and at the Event level (settings specific to a single event only).

Organisation-Level Customisation

Any branding set at the organization level should reflect your organization or company and not a specific Event. Event apps can contain multiple Events and therefore it is best the content set here is generic and reusable across all your Events. 

All of the following are optional customisations set by Jomablue. If you don't request these to be changed, the defaults will be used. The defaults are displayed below. 

You can find all these settings under App Specific > Settings > Edit Organisation Settings


Event App Name

Default: Event App
Recommended: Up to 20 characters
The name that appears under the icon on a devices home screen. Don't name it your Event name, make it generic for your company or brand as it will contain multiple Events.

Please note: iOS displays a max of 13 characters under the home screen icon. 


Event App Author

Default: Jomablue
Up to 30 characters 

This is displayed on some platforms when sharing the link. It would generally be your company name.


Event App Description

Default: The Event App puts you in touch with the full conference agenda, speaker information, exhibitor list and more.
Recommended: Up to 100 characters

This is the description that is displayed when the link is shared on social media channels, chat programs and other websites. This is plain text only. Don't set this to a single Event description, it needs to be generic about your brand as it will contain multiple Event Apps. 


Welcome Message

The Event App also supports the ability to add a Welcome Message, which the user will see upon entering the event. It is entirely optional but is a nice way to welcome attendees into the app.

The Welcome Message can be up to 350 characters, and must be plain text only - no line breaks or other formatting is supported.

Welcome to Event Leaders Summit Event App. Keep this app handy as your quick guide to all sessions, exhibitors and other important information. We look forward to welcoming you from 8am Thursday, if you need any more information please don't hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page in the Event App.


Login Page Custom Introduction

The Event App supports the ability to add custom Login Page text, which the user will see upon visiting the login page. An example can be found below:

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