Features Overview: 

  • Create multiple surveys per event (eg: One for Exhibitors, and one for Delegates)
  • Multiple question types including; free text, select, multi-select, range, radio, star rating
  • Toggle which questions are required to be answered
  • Quickly create surveys options the pre-defined, common answers
  • Survey people based on the sessions they attended only. This keeps the survey short and personalised. 
  • Send the Survey via SMS and Email instantly or schedule ahead of time
  • Send surveys to categories of people
  • Easily send followup reminders to complete the survey for those who haven't yet
  • Customise the Survey Title, Description and footer text
  • Customise the thank you message when a user submits the survey
  • View Survey results in real time
  • Sessions are presented in chronological order with the location name and sessions start / end time
  • Export the raw data as CSV
  • Reorder questions within a group by click and drag

Customisations Available

 If customisation are not set, the defaults are used. 

  • Set Survey Colour (must be a contrasting colour to white)
  • Customise the footer text to include an optional terms and conditions link (HTML input required)
  • Customise the success message (HTML input required)
  • Set a survey close date/time. Once this time has passed, users are not able to view or submit the survey.

View supported HTML here


  • The survey structure is static, and although questions can be ordered, question groups can't be. 
  • Session Survey is always displayed as the last section of the survey.
  • The Session related questions always display the Room name and the start and end date/time. Time is displayed in 24 hour format. 
  • Session related questions are presented in chronological order
  • A person is required to present their Jomablue Smart Badge upon entering the room to enable them to be surveyed for that session
  • You can't delete questions or any part of a survey once a survey has responses from people
  • There is currently no opportunities for branding or image placement. 


  • Send a SMS survey at the conclusion of the event
  • Followup to any people that have not answered, 1-2 business days later
  • The shorter the survey the better - longer surveys have a higher chance of being abandoned halfway through, and the survey results are not captured until the "Submit" button at the bottom is clicked
  • Keep your survey questions consistent across your events, so you have baseline metrics to compare events
  • Use selections or radios wherever possible, free text and multi-select can be difficult to draw conclusions from


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