The Dashboard provides you with an immediate snapshot of your event, accessible from your computer or mobile device. Information included on the dashboard includes but is not limited to the following;

  • Total number of registrations and event check-ins

  • Breakdown of registrations/check-ins by category

  • Number of leads captured by exhibitors

  • Number of emails sent by exhibitors

  • Number of Session check-ins per location

  • Attendee feedback score per session

  • Attendees remaining to check into a restricted session

  • Number of connected attendees via the App Networking feature

The dashboard view is customisable to suit your event, dependent upon the type of registration data captured and what is important to you. If you require custom widgets to be provided, we are happy to provide consultation on how to achieve the best outcomes to meet your onsite needs.

Examples of Dashboard Widgets and a live demonstration of a Dashboard (pictured above) can be found here.

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